Girl with the tight jeans.


rip to all the virginity being lost tonight

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Lana is my pastor.


Lana is my pastor.

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Omg. I completely fell off the wagon. Sh** god damn. I suck.

Ok, ok, time to get back at it.

Btw, I gained 3 pounds. Mother F.

I will write up a new schedule and get back on tumblr. It’s been a while.

More to come tomorrow.

I’m disappointed in myself.

It’s Wednesday!

The day I tell you about people who are also trying to lose weight, or better themselves, or who inspire me!

So one girl I am inspired by has a blog named “The Lotus Challenge”. I don’t know her name, or much about her, but her blog is awesome. She’s also trying to lose weight, and her blog is personal and also inspirational! Check her out at 

So the other blog I love is a girl named Mel. She’s 22 and super positive! She blogs about her workouts, and her life! But she also throws in some motivational posts! I love it! I recommend you follow her!!! Check her out at

These two girls are on a journey, and they’re posting about it and allowing the whole world to see it! So praise them, encourage them, confide in them, let them know how kick ass they are!

Thanks for reading! More blogs I love will be posted Wednesday!

Feel free to msg me if you want me to check out your blog! I’m always looking for new inspiration!!! Thanks!


Girl with the tight jeans (seriously, they are super tight)

Howdy ya’ll! I kind of have fallen off of the face of the earth. Sorry about that. I’ve been stressed lately (you could probably care less) but the stress has affected the way I have been eating. Pizza, Taco Bell, and In n out. Heaven, right?

So I am back at 204. Boo hoo :’(

But it’s ok. I have until August 13th (the day I start my new job) to lose 15 pounds! I am pretty confident right now! F yes. And if I succeed, I get to buy some new clothes for my new job! Woop woop.

Well to be honest, I need to buy new clothes anyway, but it would be super rewarding to slip into a size 10. Hope I can meet my goal!

More posts to come! I will really try not to hide from tumblr next time I fall off the wagon!

I’m tired of this weight loss roller-coaster. My weight is up and down, up and down. I want off!!!!

So it’s Wednesday! The day I tell you about other blogs I love who also post stuff about their workouts and diet!

So one blog that I am obsessed with is

I don’t know her name, but she posts stuff about her daily workouts, what she eats, and more. She is pretty hard core when it comes to her workouts, and she eats Paleo! Omg. I don know how she does it, but she has inspired me. Check out the blog…I recommend it! :)

More blogs that I love will be posted next Wednesday!

Thanks for reading!